Just another drive in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful land of contrasts and contradictions. Yesterday, Riaan and I had a mini road trip to collect a fish tank, it’s stand and some lights (which are apparently completely awesome, I still don’t understand why, but will concede that they make the fish look prettier.)

On the last patch of the trip when I saw the pigs loaded in the back of the bakkie (pickup truck) I remembered that I had my trusty little Kodak zi8 in my handbag and so I give you some photos of just another drive in South Africa.

Pigs in a pickup

Sometimes, our public transport is not the most reliable…

Contrast: Luxury vehicle driving past an informal settlement

Livestock on the side of the road. I love the dog supervising (left in the photo)

The remnants of a mine dump. I remember this gold mine dump when it was still intact.

Love and photos,

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